Name: Dr. David Uhlenberg
Height: 6'4" (194cm)
Weight: 231 lb (105kg)
  • Licensed Medical Physician in Germany
  • Graduated from University of Pecs Medical School (HU)
  • Currently Working on Becoming a Medical Doctor in the US
  • Attended a "Sports Focused" German High School
  • Passed Multiple Trainer Licences & Certifications
  • Completed 2 Years Educational Training to Become a Trainer

I have played sports like badminton and basketball on a high level for many years, as well as strength training for over 15 years. This has helped me in gaining experience, knowledge, and motor skills in these fields.  With this sports experience, in combination with my educational background, I can help my clients to achieve the best results possible.

World Traveler:

I have always loved the adventure of travelling and living in different places.  Upon graduating high school, I went to beautiful Australia for about 9 months to work and explore.  After that, I decided to deepen my studies of the human body and moved to Hungary to attend medical school.  Following graduation, I returned to Germany to be with family and friends for an extended amount of time.  I currently reside in sunny California, where each day I am blessed with the opportunity to live out my passion for health and fitness.





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