2 Hidden Benefits of Limes

Anybody knows that limes have a lot of Vitamin C and go great with a corona but did you know these benefits of this little green citrus fruit❓❓ 1. ANTIBIOTIC PROPERTIES

Research shows that Limes have antibiotic properties protecting against the contraction of cholera, a disease caused by Vibrio Cholera leading to severe diarrhea and whole body dehydration. Limes contain flavonol glycosides giving them this ability.  2. ANTI-CARCINOGENIC

Flavonoids are also responsible for the anti-carcinogenic effect of this fruit. It is assumed that they might have the ability to prevent invasion of cancer cells and inhibit the growth of tumor cells. 

Make sure to drink freshly squeezed lime/lemon juice daily for optimal health and enjoy all its other health benefits as well!! 🍋🍋👍



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2 Hidden Benefits of Limes